Custom WordPress/Joomla Templates 模板定制

Custom WordPress/Joomla Templates


服务价格3000元起,Start from $500.

Do you have a website? Are you thinking about converting your site into Joomla.

Do you want a template made out of your static site design?

Let us help you out of your blues. Our experienced designers know just how to convert your static design into a Joomla template, without any compromise on usability or your site’s functionality.

All this at very competitive prices. We have been helping businesses in getting a dynamic Joomla website, without their users and visitors noticing much of a change in their site’s design. You don’t even need a static site to get started with your Joomla template, we even convert simple design files into exact Joomla templates, using just Adobe Photoshop PSD files or Firework PNG files.


PSD to WordPress/Joomla conversion services

There has been a significant increase in the demand for PSD to Joomla conversion services. This is because many people are realizing the advantages of having PSD and HTML to WordPress/Joomla template conversion for their websites. Many individuals, businesses, and organizations are now hiring SEO experts to have their web designs converted into fully functional WordPress/Joomla templates. There are SEO experts who have the expertise and experience that is required for such conversions and they can help you out for a small fee. Furthermore, they are usually well informed about the latest developments and advances in PSD to Joomla conversions so they will be able to give you tailored solutions to accommodate your specific needs.

The process of PSD to WordPress/Joomla conversion is very challenging to web designers and many of them find it overwhelming. One needs to have a lot of coding expertise and experience and that is why you need to hire real experts who specialize in PSD and HTML to WordPress/Joomla template conversions. The good thing with experienced experts is that they are proficient in manual coding of the pages and do not have to resort to automated tools. This is very essential as automated conversions usually have several errors that can make the end result unsatisfactory.

It is best to avoid automated conversions as it will give you poor quality work and can tarnish the image of your website. Your website is meant to bring in revenue so you need not risk messing with it. You should just have your HTML and PSD to Joomla conversions done manually by a team of experts who specialize in such services. With PSD and HTML to Joomla template conversion, you do not even have to worry about cross browser compatibility and coding as it is well taken care of and your new website will function with all the major browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

PSD and HTML to WordPress/Joomla template conversion basically means converting your static website to a database-driven Joomla website. The conversion process does not interfere with the content on your website so you can be sure that your old content will remain intact. There are many advantages that come with HTML and PSD to Joomla conversion. These include cross browser compatibility, flexible module positions, SEO semantic codes, and W3C validation CSS amongst others. All these are meant to make your website attract more traffic so that you get more revenue.

With HTML and PSD to WordPress/Joomla conversion, your website will perform excellently on all the browsers while the SEO semantic codes will improve your rankings on search engines result pages. Your website will also load much faster than before. PSD and HTML to WordPress/Joomla template conversions also give you flexible modules and extensions that are user friendly so that visitors have an easy time navigating your website. With a website that is fully hand coded and W3C validated, you are guaranteed lots of traffic therefore you should move fast and get a team of experts to do Joomla conversion for you.