Demand Media使用Joomla改版网站

Demand Media is a company on a roll. The California-based company was founded by a former chairman in 2006 and it has enjoyed huge growth ever since: Demand Media是一个发展迅速的公司。由MySpace.com的前执行主席于2006年创建,总部位于加利福利亚。如今已获得巨大增长:

  • Their sites include with Lance Armstrong and many niche sites such as for tutorials, for humor, for golf and for hikers.
  • They own eNom, the world’s second-largest domain registrar. 旗下拥有的eNom,是全球第二大域名注册商。
  • They provide social networking tools to brands such as Kraft, Whole Foods and Lowes.
  • Most large web companies now run a network of sites so Comscore, which ranks web traffic, judges sites according to the total traffic to all their sites. Demand Media is in the top 20.
  • They are so big that tech commentators have speculated that they will soon go public in the biggest tech IPO since Google. is their main corporate website and it runs on Joomla:DemandMedia.com是集团的主站点运行在Joomla系统之上。


Not only that but Demand Media also uses Joomla for some of its other products. If you watched Steve Job’s keynote address at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, you watched using, a Demand Media product with a Joomla website. This site is particularly interesting because it is not running on a traditional hosting company but on Amazon’s S3 Cloud services:

需求媒体不仅为自己及一些产品使用Joomla。如果你看了史蒂夫在苹果全球开发者大会上的主题演讲,你用CoveritLive.com观看的视频。这是一个媒体点播视频网站,由Demand Media生产,这个网站特别有趣,因为它不是托管在传统的服务器上,而是运行在亚马逊的S3云服务器上:

Written by Steve Burge,英文由Steve Burge撰写,中文由新龙翻译。