Gorillaz是一个音乐主题的网站,由另类摇滚蓝色摇滚乐队的 Damon Albarn于1998年创建。他们已经销售了大量拷贝并且获得众多奖项。

Gorillaz is a musical project created in 1998 by Damon Albarn of alternative rock band Blur. They’ve sold enormous numbers of records and also have won a large number of awards.

他们现在获得年度Resdesign奖的提名。 Gorillaz.com在今年早些时候进行重建,使用久负盛名的Joomla。…..

They’re now nominated for another award – Resdesign of the Year. Gorillaz.com was rebuilt in Joomla earlier this year and is nominated for the prestigious .net Awards. How much of an honor is it to be nominated? They’re listed alongside ars technica, BBC News, CNN, istockphoto, Facebook, Flickr, Gowalla, MSNBC, YouTube. To vote: visit the .net Awards site and click tab number 14.

New Site  新网站


Old Site (via Archive.org, October 2009)  旧的网站(2009年10月由Archive.org获得)


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